A record label that is based on Long Island and releases compilations every year or do.  "Instead of signing bands – making them pay for their recording and pressing of a CD – then making them whore out your record label name and get nothing in return….We have a different approach."

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118 Miles Records is owned and operated by Christopher Duska. Volume 1 is available for free download and 2000 copies were handed out for free at various shows and record stores.

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“From Brooklyn to Montauk. Making waves in the sound.”

Download Volume 1:

Click to Download volume 1

Volume one consists of:

Deciding Tonight

The Jett Blackk Heart Attack

They Fall To Pieces

Dogs Of Karma


John Wilkes Booth

Twenty-Six Lead Soldiers

Playing Dead

Conceptual Elements

White Line Tiger

CutThroat Ethic

Wiretap Crash

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