General Info and History Edit

2% Milk (98% Rock) is a rock band from Commack, NY. They began as a five piece outfit, formed in fall 2007, but expanded in January 2009 to accommodate a full horn section and broaden their horizons as a band. The original lineup included Jacob Spadaro (vocals, guitars, keyboards); Ross Kratter (bass, vocals); Brandon Pogrob (lead guitars); Dan Weissman (drums); and Danny Abrams (saxophones, vocals). 2% Milk plays all functions, primarily school and charity events, but have also played at venues such as Traxx. The band plays primarily classic rock, but also sports a large amount of original music. Original trumpet player Marc Recio (from the Jan. 2009 horn expansion) left the band in fall 2009 and was replaced by Sari Feinstein. Sari Feinstein left the band in May 2010 and was replaced by Scott Aronin. Saxophonist David Klein also joined in May 2010.


Current members Edit

Jacob Spadaro: Vocals, guitars, keyboards (2007-present)

Ross Kratter: Bass, vocals (2007-present)

Brandon Pogrob: Lead guitars (2007-present)

Dan Weissman: Drums (2007-present)

Danny Abrams: Saxophones, vocals (2007-present)

Scott Aronin: Trumpet (May 2010-present)

David Klein: Saxophones (May 2010-present)

Arpon Raksit: Saxophones (Jan. 2009-present)

Chris Zatorski: Trombone, vocals (Jan. 2009-present)

Former members Edit

Marc Recio: Trumpet (Jan. 2009-Sept. 2009)

Sari Feinstein: Trumpet (Nov. 2009-May 2010)

Notes Edit

Bassist Ross Kratter is an avid supporter of the anti-pay-to-play movement.

Jacob Spadaro, Ross Kratter, and Dan Weissman, as well as guitarist Willie Horowitz and keyboardist Dan Malinovsky, are in another band called Papa Weissman and the Pastry Chefs.

Jacob Spadaro and Ross Kratter are currently working on a rock opera which features various 2% Milk songs and more.

Danny Abrams, Ross Kratter, and Dan Weissman, along with Brian "BK" Kenney of Benny Fabulous and keyboardist Dan Malinovsky, make up the Blank Spot Jazz Quintet.

External Links Edit

The official 2% Milk MySpace page

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