A Cadence Predesigned is a 5-piece Experimental/Prog Rock band from Long Island. The band released a demo produced by Will Noon and Dan Gluszak in May 2009, but have been on an indefinite hiatus since September 2009.


A Cadence Predesigned was formed in March 2008 by founding members Brandon Dove, Matt Larson, and Justin Dove. All three had previously played together in the now-extinct alternative rock band General Specifics, but broke away in January 2008 due to musical differences. A trio of Guitar/Bass/Drums, the band began their search for a lead singer/second guitar player. In May of 2008 singer Kalvin Rodriguez joined the band, a referral from friend Robbie Hassett. Soon after, cousin and guitarist Dennis Rodriguez joined, and the lineup was complete.

The band proceeded to write and play a few exclusive shows, including Anthony Natoli's famed Natoliween festival at the Vibe Lounge, before retreating in November to prepare for their Demo.

In late December of 2008 the band recorded their 3-song demo with drummer/manager/engineer Will Noon (Straylight Run), and edited the tracks in the following months. The tracks were then turned over to drummer/engineer Dan Gluszak (ex-Envy on the Coast) for mixing, and finally to producer Mike Kalajian for mastering.

The band has been on an indefinite hiatus since September 2009



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