The Midnight Orchestra Demo is the sole release by Alternative Rock group, A Midnight Orchestra. It was released sometime between 2005 and 2008.

Track Listing*Edit

  1. Rivera
  2. Warren With Fire
  3. Synonyms For Bite and Kick


  • AMO later released tracks "Changer", "Few Weeks Few Months", & "Blueberry Hill" on their MySpace page.
  • The above tracks were probably meant to be on their next release since they were in the studio before they went on hiatus and changed their name to Mania in Urbania .
  • AMO later released tracks "Thanks Be To You" "Likeness, Being: Changed, Changing" & "Let's Find Some Meaning" under the name Mania in Urbania.
  • "Let's Find Some Meaning" was later released on This Good Robot's "The Human I Am" (Deluxe Edition)

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