Action Toolbelt is an Indie Rock/Alternative Rock group that formed in 2002 as a recording project of Owen Biggs.


The band formed in 2002 as a recording project of Owen Biggs. They soon recorded a four song demo, which garnered them some attention. Less than 2 months after finishing the demo, they were signed to Fastmusic Label by Neal Ganslaw. The band went to L.A. to record six new songs and soon completed a full length record. The self titled album was released in May of 2004, and quickly became a college favorite and indie rock staple on online radio stations, consistently finishing in the top 5 of their radio countdown and coming in 4th for album of the year.

The track, "At My Expense" was featured on the Punk Vs. Emo soundtrack that included some of today's best new bands, including: [ Rufio], Bayside, The Goodwill, [ onlinedrawing], and [ Mae] and sold over 15,000 copies. The band has also participated in such events as the CMJ Music Festival, The MEANY Fest, and the NY International Music Festival.

The band reformed in 2009 and returned to the studio to record their new album "Sirens In Spades", after signing to the Tom Kat Records | DSN Music label.



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