Adam LoPorto is one of the founding members of the now defunct Lux Courageous. Founded by PJ Tepe and Adam LoPorto as a simple way to write some good songs, Lux Courageous went on to be named "The Most Likely Band to Break It Big in 2009" by Newsday.

In the beginning, PJ Tepe and Adam LoPorto both played acoustic guitars. But as the band matured, Adam moved towards playing lead electric. His catchy riffs, many times blending perfectly with pianist Justin Williams' own notes, were an important part of Lux Courageous' music.

Reasons That Keep The Ground Near, released by Triple Crown / Warner Brothers, was produced by the platinum award winning Matt Squire.

Lux Courageous broke up around 2005. Other members have gone on to play in bands such as Gracer, and Fat City Auto Wrecker.

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