Almost Famous, or Nick Zinnanti is Long Island based musician and producer, Nick Zinnanti's solo Pop Rock project that was started after the dissolution of Bethpage based Pop Punk band, Code: Adrenaline. Since its beginnings in 2006, Nick, under the name "Almost Famous" has released a full length album on an Indie label, a three song demo, and played numerous shows. Once the project became dormant due to the success of Life Between Sleep, an Experimental Alternative Rock band, there was little news in the Almost Famous camp. However, in April of 2008, Nick changed the project from Almost Famous to Nick Zinnanti and has since released songs.


After Nick Zinnanti's pop punk band Code: Adrenaline ended after its five year run, Nick began writing songs and showed Almost Famous to the public eye in 2006. Nick soon signed to California based Indie label, Underdog Records, and released Starting Over in 2006. After achieving underground acclaim for his debut release which hinted at strong Dashboard Confessional influences, Nick began playing around Long Island relentlessly, while balancing managing a studio and a grindcore project, Kirk Fogg's African Adventure. Around this time, Nick was looking for new musicians to add to the project, however, never fulfilled this ambition. In 2007, he released a new three song demo at live shows.

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Almost Famous is now dormant, as Nick is busy with Life Between Sleep, but has stated that it will continue and will flourish whenever Nick has time to concentrate on it.

On April 11th, 2008, Almost Famous released a single, a cover of The Beatles' "All My Loving".

On April 13th, 2008, Almost Famous changed its name to Nick Zinnanti, making Nick Zinnanti's project self titled. He did this because he felt that Almost Famous as a name didn't reflect his project's ambitions. He also stated that as times change, so will his tastes, and so his music will always be radically different.

In June, 2008, Nick Zinnanti added the song new song, "Fear in Faith".


Starting Over” (2006)
Almost Famous Demo” (2007)
"All My Loving (The Beatles Cover) (2008, Digital)
"Fear in Faith" (2008, Digital)


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