Amy's On Crack is a song by The Microwave Orphans that appeared on the demo Andre, a lounge version perfromed by Matt Roren and Matt Dallow appears as an unlisted track on later pressings of the demo and a previously unreleased version recorded during the Young and Abrasive sessions appears on The Microwave Orphans Anthology . A live version recorded at Dr. Shays in Lindenhurst also appeared on Precise Microwave Orphans Order - 17 Of The Worst Live Perfomances .


Amy you never told me

i can't believe that you smoke crack

i never would have guessed it

now you're gone and you're never coming back

I know how you felt

i felt the same way

when we thought we were perfect for each other

now you're all the way out in L.A.

now just one question remains

will i ever see you again?

will i ever see you again?

will i ever see you again?

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