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Ferruzza in 2017.

Andrew Ferruzza Edit

Andrew Ferruzza is a guitarist, drummer, and bassist from Bethpage. He has played in numerous short-lived projects around Bethpage, including As Far As The Chili Powder is Concerned, Cilantro Conundrum, and The Placebo Effect.

Early life Edit

Ferruzza was born in Manhassett, NY, on June 18th, 1999. At the age of 7, he learned how to play the drums and become very active in his elementary and middle school band/jazz bands. When Ferruzza was 14, he taught himself how to play guitar.

First band (2013-2014) Edit

When he was in ninth grade, Ferruzza teamed up with some friends from Bethpage High School- Mike Rotunno and Joe Valero, who played bass and guitar, respectively, and they performed a cover of Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball" at the school's talent show. This project had no name, and disbanded shortly after the show.

As Far As The Chili Powder is Concerned (2015) Edit

By the spring of 2015, Ferruzza had learned enough guitar to play comfortably in a band. In April 2015, he teamed up with fellow classmates and members of the Bethpage High School Band, Josh Finkel, Adam Guarino, Alec Cavaciuti, and Mike Rotunno. Together they had formed "As Far As The Chili Powder is Concerned," a short-lived band whose only performance was at Relay for Life in June of that year. The band broke up shortly after.

The Placebo Effect, Cilantro Conundrum, and "Nostalgia" (2016) Edit

Ferruzza was not involved in any projects for the remainder of 2015, despite Finkel's efforts to get a group together. In April of 2016, Ferruzza, Cavaciuti, and classmate Tim Ogden got together and formed The Placebo Effect. The Placebo Effect lasted one day, mainly because the members all agreed that it "didn't glue together." Ferruzza played bass guitar at the one rehearsal, with Ogden on guitar and Cavaciuti on drums. Shortly afterwards, the following month, Cilantro Conundrum was formed, and this band would go on to become a "blink-182 cover band" at Relay for Life that year. Cilantro Conundrum featured the same lineup as As Far As the Chili Powder is Concerned, with the exception of Josh Finkel, who formed his own band, Atlantic.

After Relay for Life, Ferruzza got together with Guarino and Atlantic vocalist Kyra Bella to record "Nostalgia," which Ferruzza claimed was a "tribute to blink-182." Ferruzza recorded and wrote all the instrumental parts, while Guarino and Bella covered the vocals. After the single's commercial and critical failure, the trio decided not to move on.

Dethpage and most recent project (2017-present) Edit

In February of 2017, Ferruzza sat down with Cavaciuti and a few other fellow musicians to write "progressive heavy metal riffs." This ended up becoming the project, Dethpage, a progressive metalcore group in which Ferruzza is the only clear member. It was stated that a demo would be released in late Spring of 2017, but no word has been given about the progress of the group since March 2017.

Finally, Ferruzza's most recent project is titled "Heroes for Ghosts." He describes the music as progressive/instrumental rock. Ferruzza has stated that he is working with "some talented friends" of his and that his debut EP will be coming out early summer (2017).