Anthony Purpura is a musician from Levittown, New York who is most famous for his work in Stereo Skyline and Forever on the Shoreline.


Purpura was in the band Aerosol with Matt Villani, leading up to their joint involvement in the band Stereo Skyline.

Stereo SkylineEdit

When Matt Villani first formed Stereo Skyline in 2006 after leaving the Pop Punk outfit, Valet Parking, Purpura was their original bassist. After line-up changed ensued, they made Anthony their drummer for the recording of the Worst Case Scenario EP and for shows sometime afterwards. However, during their first lineup change, Purpura was moved to synth and was replaced on drums by Rob Michelsen. Under their new lineup, they placed shows in the tri state area, and then the Bamboozle Festival. After this, Stereo Skyline's new manager, Jason Aaron told Stereo to fire Purpura and after whole ordeal was done, Purpura was removed from the band shortly after Tom had announced his decision to leave the band to pursue Bringing Back Long Island Booking with fellow friend, Travis McGee.

Forever on the ShorelineEdit

Purpura then joined Inner City Transit a Levittown based Power Pop band on guitar. After lineup changes, the band changed their name to Forever on the Shoreline, and Purpura later became the guitarist and lead singer for the band. More lineup changes ensued and the band acquired a lead singer and Purpura stepped down to just play guitar. After months of this line-up the band dissolved and Purpura became an inactive musician.

Set in ColorEdit

In September of 2008 after months of being inactive in the music scene, Anthony was recruited by fellow former Stereo Skyline member Matt Villani to play guitar in his new Power Pop project called Set In Color. The band has posted two full band demos on Myspace since the finalizing of the band and is playing their first ever show at The Crazy Donkey on November 16th with The Ready Set. Set In Color unfortunately broke up in the winter of 2011. RIP SIC.


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