Arkham 13 (Originally known as just Arkham), is a Thrash Metal band from Lindenhurst, Long Island, New York.

Early HistoryEdit

The band was formed in the summer of 1997 by Derek (formerly of Neglect and Cleanser) and Dug. Pete, who played on the Misc. CD with Derek (which featured Dug, Jamey Jasta, Daryl Palumbo and Glassjaw, The Guilty Party/Berzerkers, Rick ta Life, etc.) played drums with Arkham 13 until they found a permanent drummer, which was filled by Antman. They recorded their first 7 for Gain Ground Records (under the name Arkham) two months after forming (with Hugo on session bass). The 7, Born With Scars was a limited press of 1500 copies and sold out in 2 weeks when it was released. They were offered to record a full length CD with both Dark Eminance in the US and Acrid Productions in Europe. Arkham 13- recorded their debut CD, The Wrath (under Arkham) as a 3 piece (Derek played both guitar and bass).

After the 7 and CD release, Acrid Productions offered Arkham a spot on the Cleanser/Chemical European tour in 1998 and they played shows over Italy, Germany, France, Belgium, Amsterdam, Sweden, Poland, Denmark and Finland, with no official release, only tour shirts. At this time, they added Theo as a bassist.

By the end of the tour, they were accumulating great praise in Europe and the United States and began to work on new material. They recorded a CD for Dark Eminance Records, and they recorded a live set for a special double CD with bands like Indecision, Tension, Reach 454, Silent Majority, and Cleanser. Arkham 13 recorded two sessions for their upcoming CD, during the second session they added a second guitarist, Rion and recorded five tracks with him. Their sound became more aggressive and technical.

After the CD was recorded, Dark Eminance disbanded and they never released the CD entitled Bloodfiend and never released their live recordings.

Hiatus and RebirthEdit

The band began arguing over performances, and Derek disbanded the group. During this time, members played in the band Decimation and Dug went to school. After a 3 year hiatus, Arkham 13 began writing new songs and playing shows again. They recorded fifteen songs for a new CD that included covers of Derek's old band, Neglect "Horror Struck", Exciter "Pounding Metal" and Venom "Warhead". Filled With Hate Records from Germany released the CD, Born to Bring Death in Spring 2005. The CD also includes live footage from The Downtown in 2004.

After this, Agigate the System Records offered to release the previously unreleased Bloodfiend CD recorded in 1998/1999, and offered a video to promote the CD, however, after a year of no release the label shut down.

In 2007, however, Back to Basics Records released Bloodfiend with bonus tracks recorded live in Chemnitz, Germany on their 1998 European Tour.

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