Artie is a song by The Microwave Orphans that appeared on the demos DEMON and Andre both demos were different recordings, 2 live versions recorded at Rocky Point VFW and Gille's Backyard also appeared onPrecise Microwave Orphans Order - 17 Of The Worst Live Perfomances . This was the forth song written by The Microwave Orphans, It was written about Artie Phillie the then lead singer of Milhouse and LIHC scene king, and the situations that lead the PWAC to be closed down.

a later version of this song was performed live with the lyrics and name changed to Gary, a song about Gary Henderson of Edna's Goldfish, LI Ska scene king and his exclusion of certain ETR bands from The Long Island Ska Comp and Deja One.

Lyrics :

You better run, you better hide

you better put that spray paint aside

cause here he comes, right on time

to punish you for your crime

He's Artie and he can controls the scene

that's Artie living the american dream

that's Artie in all the zines

yeahh yeahhh Artie

Because of you, it shut down

he's gonna get you, you skinhead clown

you had to do it, spray paint Oi!

ruined it for every girl and boi!

He's Artie he's not big and mean

he's Artie and you should hear him scream

hey Artie, can we join your team?

yeah yeah Artie

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