'Beat Scientific was a Hip Hop side project formed by Daryl Palumbo (Glassjaw, Head Automatica) and Brian Lane (Brand New, The Rookie Lot) that existed from 2000-2001. Brian Lane would produce hip hop beats, and Daryl would sing over them. The first song to appear from their side track was "Midwestern Stylings" and was officially released via Fadeaway Records on their "The Best Comp in the World" compilation CD. The album credits labeled it as a Glassjaw remix, though it was really Beat Scientific. An acoustic version also appeared on a sampler CD from Fadeaway Records; limited to 2000 copies. Glassjaw later recorded the song on a few demo sessions while working on Worship & Tribute. It didn't make the album. The debut album, Students of the Drums was set to be released in January of 2001, but the album never materialized and was never finished. Out of a handful of tracks, only 3 were completed with lyrics, and the rest were left as instrumentals. One of the tracks created from Beat Scientific was later recreated by Glassjaw entitled “The Number No Good Things Can Come Of” as a Worship & Tribute b-side. It was featured on Glassjaw’s Cosmopolitan Bloodloss UK CD Single, and the El Mark Digital EP which was released on iTunes last Fall (2005). Daryl has also called the track “St. Alex” in a live performance while performing acoustically with Beck (guitarist of Glassjaw).

Why Beat Scientific was never continued or completed is not known.



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