Benny Fabulous is a ska band from Commack, New York that was formed in early 2007. The band started out by playing cover songs by popular ska bands such as Reel Big Fish and The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, but quickly moved on to writing and performing original music. Because of the extensive musical backgrounds of the band members, the band's music often strays from ska-punk standards, incorporating a variety of influences. They have shared the stage with many other local Ska acts, including Old Fashioned Oyster Crackers, Royal City Riot, and The Homecoming Queens.

FUCK ALL OF YOU- Sean Perham


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Jeremy Forman spends most of his time searching for guppies in the great white Atlantic. He's a fisherman by trade but works within the industry of clamming. He's a horrible person and a great soul. Jeremy Forman is not who you think he is. He's a clam salesman. He's no stranger to manipulation.


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