Bob Wulff is a Long Island based drummer who has been in the pop punk trio then quartet Code: Adrenaline, Kirk Fogg's African Adventure, and Casari.

Code: AdrenalineEdit

Bob Wulff joined Nick Zinnanti and Sam Trestman to make pop punk trio, Code: Adrenaline, and together recorded a demo in their friends garage, Put 'Em Hands Up, as well as The Sleepless Nights EP, a two song sampler, and later joined by Tom Spartinos on guitar for their full length Just Getting Started. The band split in 2006.

Kirk Fogg's African AdventureEdit

Bob Wulff joined seminal Grindcore heroes, Kirk Fogg's African Adventure in 2006 with former band mate Nick Zinnanti and others and released Olmec Sings the Blues EP and the Kirk Fogg EP before breaking up. During their first EP, the entire song structures were based off of random, heavier, drum beats that Bob Wulff recorded. Everything else was laid down in the studio afterwards. The band disbanded in 2007.


When Death Within the Hour evolved into Casari, the band needed a drummer. Bob Wulff joined the band and is still in it today. They have so far released a self titled demo, the A Sinking Feeling EP, and a full length album. The band has toured around the country with fellow Long Islanders Valet Parking and Royal Assassin.

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