Brandon Reilly is a Long Island musician who has been in the bands: Confide, The Rookie Lot, The Movielife, Brand New, and Nightmare of You.


Brandon Reilly was first in the Hardcore Punk band, Confide featuring Gregory Catanese of Forklift Driver. The band broke up after the music became coming more Emotive Hardcore and Reilly joined up with Melodic Hardcore band The Rookie Lot. They released one demo tape and a split with Yearly before dissolving. Reilly joined Melodic Hardcore band, The Movielife as the lead guitarist. During this time, he was still writing music with Jesse Lacey who was just beginning Brand New, and many of the songs on the album, Your Favorite Weapon were co-written by Lacey and Reilly. The Movielife broke up, and Reilly formed Nightmare of You an Indie Pop band.

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