Bringing Back Long Island Booking was a Long Island booking company that booked many local and touring bands during 2007 and 2008.


In the winter of 2007, Travis Mcgee, Anthony Purpura, and Vinny Buffalino began booking shows at The Vintage Lounge in Levittown, New York under the name Bringing Back Long Island Booking. The three went on running shows until, eventually, Tom Angenbroich joined in. They booked at The Vintage Lounge almost twice a week from Febuary 2007 to October 2007. BBLI and The Vintage Lounge were a haven for local kids, a place where they could hang out without participating in illegal activities. They provided many kids and music scene members with entertainment weekly for months of their lives, and brought long islanders from all corners of the island together as The Vintage Lounge Scene.

In October of 2007, The Vintage Lounge closed its doors and Bringing Back Long Island was forced to find a new venue in which they found at The Vibe Lounge in Rockville Centre.

BBLI also booked shows at The Crazy Donkey numerous times for local showcases as well as with bands like Sing It Loud, Patent Pending, A Rocket To The Moon and more. BBLI also handled the booking for the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Beach in Oyster Bay and Islip Pavilion.

In September of 2008, BBLI came to an end, due to Travis McGee and Thomas Angenbroich's joining up with Club Loaded to be show promoters for the larger company. They still book at the same venues, but are managed by Club Loaded's management. To contact them about shows, go to Tom's | myspace.


Tom and Travis booked bands at The Vintage Lounge such as Valencia, Just Surrender, We The Kings, Metro Station, No Hollywood Ending, Robbie Hassett, Almost Famous, The Farewell Effect, Death Within the Hour, Casari, The Wake Up Call, Valet Parking, Stereo Skyline, Nice Guys Finish First, A Rocket to the Moon, All Time Low, Kirk Fogg's African Adventure and more.

Proceeding the end of The Vintage Lounge's stint as the center of local Long Island shows, Tom and Travis booked bands at The Vibe Lounge such as A Cursive Memory, Vanna, Patent Pending, Kevin Devine, Oceana, Here I Come Falling, Farewell to Freeway, Casari, Gabriel the Marine, Go Radio, Stereo Skyline, Life Between Sleep, This Endeavor, The Scenic, Lannen Fall and many more.

During the time period BBLI was booking at The Vibe Lounge, they began doing local showcases at The Crazy Donkey with bands such as Sing It Loud, Patent Pending, A Rocket to the Moon, among others.


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