CJ Kostaras is a drummer from Bethpage and currently plays in the Pop Punk band, Valet Parking. He began his career with the band The Mass and the Majesty, replacing Leon Zohrabian. After he was removed from The Mass and The Majesty, he started Arms and Sirens with Matt Zeiger and recruited David Lee, Richard Ha, and BJ McClaughlin. The band broke up after one show, and the members moved on to different projects. In 2008, after Brightline's drummer, Kenny Gallart began to pursue Set in Color, the band decided it was time to replace Kenny. Thus, CJ Kostaras joined Brightline. Soon after Brightline's departure, CJ Kostaras was seeking a serious band and joined Valet Parking. CJ Kostaras has been doing constant Northeastern tours with them, and is continuing to do so.

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