Call The Station:  An Alternative/Indie Rock band from Long Island, New York .

During the Fall of 2012 Call The Station began recording it's Full Length album at Westfall Studios in Farmingdale, NY.

On May 4th of 2013, Anthony Wall (former Nothing To Lose) created a facebook page for Call The Station.                                                                                Matthew Florio, former guitarist and vocalist of Nothing To Lose, also posted the link on his personal facebook.                                                                       That same day it was revealed that the Nothing To Lose twitter page was listed under Call The Station.

The following day Mauricio Rincon and Eran Abraham (also former NTL) posted about the Call The Station pages.         

The band released the first teaser of its upcoming Full Length on August 26th at

The teaser contained tracks featuring Fred Mascherino (Taking Back Sunday/Terrible Things) and AJ Perdomo (The Dangerous Summer).

On September 16th, they released the artwork and release date for their debut entitled 'Signals'.                                                                                                That same day the album was put up on Itunes for Pre Order.                                                                                                                                                   On September 20th they released the first song off of 'Signals' entitled The Ocean at 

The band released a track on November 5th called 'This Repeating Clock' featuring guest vocals and lead guitar from Fred Mascherino through their soundcloud page.

Their first show will be on December 26th at Revolution with Patent Pending and This Good Robot.

Call The Station competed in the 2014 Break Contest for a slot on the Skate & Surf Festival; making it into the finals but did not advance to the festival.         The band also shared the stage with I Call Fives, We Still Dream, This Is All Now, and Forever In My Mind from tv's The X Factor.

On May 10th they played with Stages & Stereos (ex Go Radio), Darling Parade, and The Orphan, The Poet at Santos Party House in NYC.                            The band entered the studio on October 25th to begin work on a follow up to Signals.

Call The Station is recording it's second album with Nick Zinannti (Life Between Sleep) at Zin Studios.

This marks their first release with drummer Nick Kolokathis (A Story Left Untold).

On January 19, 2015, the band announced on their Facebook page that they decided to part ways with long time bassist Eran Abraham.                       Although no replacement has been named yet, Robert Ragosta (This Good Robot/Patent Pending) was brought in to track bass on the first sessions at Zin.



Anthony Wall - Vocals                                                                                                                           

Matthew Florio - Vocals/Guitar                                                                                                                

Mauricio Rincon - Guitar

Nick Kolokathis - Drums

Former Members:

Eran Abraham - Bass

Dominic Nastasi - Drums


  • Signals (2013)
  • Untitled 2nd Full Lenth (TBA - 2015)

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