Capital is a melodic hardcore band, made up of the members of the bands Silent Majority, Blood Red, and Thieves and Assassins, all of whom have been considered seminal to the Long Island hardcore movement. Though relatively unknown, Capital has garnered a cult following and has released three albums and a 7" -- "Signal Corps" through the Iron Pier label in 2006, "Homefront" in 2007, "Blind Faith 7" in 2009, and "Givers Takers" in 2010. The latter two were released through Revelation Records.



  • When infamous LIHC band Kill Your Idols was playing their farewell concert at Smithtown Masonic Temple with Capital and Crime in Stereo, authorities were called and the show was shut down. The show was quickly moved to Capital's (and many other LI bands) practice space, where an estimated 300+ people watched.


  • Blind Faith 7'' (May 26th, 2009; Revelation)
  • Homefront (October 30th, 2007; Revelation, July 22nd 2008, Underground Communique)
  • Signal Corps (June 25th, 2006; Iron Pier)
  • Givers Takers (January 3rd, 2010; Digital download/Vinyl on Underground Communique)

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