Carcinogen is a thrash/death metal band from Long Island, New York. Carcinogen formed in January 2009. They are one of the most notable local death metal bands from the Long Island music scene.


Carcinogen Discography:

2009 - "Carcinogen" Demo

2010 - "Unholy Aggression" EP

2011 - "Human Atrophy" EP

2014 - TBA

Carcinogen has shared the stage with bands such as: Suffocation, Overkill, Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, Nile, Blood Feast, Forbidden, Bonded By Blood, Gama Bomb, Evile, Kataklysm, Ex Deo, Psycroptic, Hypocrisy, 1349, Keep of Kalessin, Pathology, Nueraxis, Scar Symmetry, Hate, Lazarus AD, Skeletonwitch, Mantic Ritual, Hexen, Blackguard (2x), Swashbuckle, Infernal Death, Rattlehead, Lecherous Nocturne, Diabolic + many more



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