Chasing Fiction is a Progressive Rock band from Long Island formed in 2006. They have undergone many different member changes including members from bands such as Fall To Fly and Heart Of A Lion. They are currently recording their Debut EP which will be released either by the end of 2009 or early 2010.


Chasing Fiction was originally formed back in 2006 with members Christian Seda, Christian Hoyos, Sean Harrigan, Matt Babilonia and Chris Santoro. They released 5 song demo under this line up and played several shows for about 2 years. They decided to part ways with their original singer Sean Harrigan during the summer of 2008. Shortly thereafter he was replaced by Jerry Meehan (now the bassist in Valet Parking). Chris Santoro was asked to leave with the addition of Jerry as he didn't have enough time between school and work to be in a band.

In November 2008 Rob Glenn (Fall To Fly) joined the band to replace Chris. In December of 2008 Matt and Jerry left the band for undisclosed reasons. Seda, Hoyos and Glenn decided to seek out for other members as they continued to write songs together. In January of 2009 Joe Badolato and Steve Brady (Heart of a Lion) joined Chasing Fiction. Under this line up they recorded most of the demos for their debut EP. Joe Badolato was replaced with their current vocalist Brian Ansel in June 2009. They re-recorded these songs and released a 3 song demo shortly thereafter. Christian Hoyos was asked to leave the band of Chasing Fiction in July of 2009. Nick Tortora replaced Hoyos and they are currently recording their debut EP. Nick was then kicked out which brought up Andrew Komsic (Heart Of A Lion) and Brian Ansel was kicked out for the former member Joe Badolato to do Chasing Fictions newest E.P.

Members Edit

Brian Ansel-vocals(June 2009-April 2010)

Christian Seda-guitar(2006-present)

Steve Brady-guitar(January 2009-present)

Rob Glenn-drums(November 2008-October 2009)

Nick Tortora-Bass(August 2009-March 2010)

Christian Hoyos-bass(2006-July 2009)

Matt Babilonia-guitar(2006-November 2008)

Sean Harrigan-vocals(2006-July 2008)

Chris Santoro-drums(2006-November 2008)

Jerry Meehan-vocals(July 2008-November 2008) (currently plays bass in Valet Parking)

Joe Badolato-vocals(January 2009-June 2009, April 2010 - Present)

Andrew Komsic-Bass(March 2010- Present)

Discography Edit

5 Song Demo (2006)

This Is Just A Demo (2009)

Berrick Mellmore (2010)

External Links Edit

Official Myspace

Official Purevolume

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