Chris Blatchly is a musician from Bayville, Long Island, New York who is currently the bassist for Experimental Alternative Rock band, Life Between Sleep.


When Chris Kuster was kicked out of Wind Up Toy, he was replaced by Chris Blatchly. During his stay in Wind Up Toy, he played shows all over the island and was featured on their nine song demo. Which was recorded and released in 2003. The band also released two EPs which were recorded with Claude Zdanow in his studio located in Brookville, NY. The first EP was entitled "The Getaway EP" and the second EP was entitled "The Chapters of Life EP". In 2004, Chris left the band due to a conflict of interests and was replaced by Sam Trestman, the bassist of Code: Adrenaline.

Chris had been known to play guitar with Code: Adrenaline live on occasion.

In 2006, he entered Grindcore band, Kirk Fogg's African Adventure as a guitarist. The band played shows around the island, gaining a cult following as well as recording two EPs which were released digitally. The band played their last show at Christ Mosh at Vibe Lounge in Rockville Center.

Towards the end of Kirk Fogg's African Adventure, Chris started a new project with good friend Nick and fellow musician Robbie called Life Between Sleep as a bassist. Shortly after the early meetings of Life Between Sleep good friend and classmate of Chris and Nick, Jeremy was asked to join the band. Since the band's birth, he has played shows all over the north east, he has played the Taste of Chaos at Nassau Coliseum, and has played bass on their demo.




  • Chris has taken an active role in the filming and production of Long Island local More Bass! '08! campaign's highly anticipated bass-themed motion picture film; Fyyr: God of Rock.

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