Contra was a Long Island hardcore punk band that began around 1997 and broke up in 2001. In that time the band released a demo called "March in Step," a split 7" with Garden City based The Insurgent, a split 7" with Mad Cow Dizeaze, a split 7" with J Church, a split CD with Splurge and a full-length album entitled "Boys Club Anthems." The band also appeared on a few compilation records. Contra played many shows on and off Long Island and completed a handful of tours.

Contra - Partial Discography: 1997: 'March in Step' Demo -- released by Jeff Cunnigham (Oblique at the time, now of Bridge and Tunnel) 1998: Split 7" with The Insurgent (self-released) 1998: Split CD with Splurge (Traffic Violation) 1999: Split 7" with Mad Cow Dizeaze (self-released) 2000: Split 7" with J Church (Traffic Violation) 2000: 'Boys Club Anthem' LP/CD (Traffic Violation)

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