Cortez the Killer is an Alternative Rock band from Dix Hills, Long Island.


Justin and Lyle met in 1990 at Dix Hills school. Justin played drums and Lyle played classical music. Over the years, Justin began touring with Stage (signed to Warner Brothers), and Lyle was suspended on academic probation from an Ivy League School. He came back and formed Jun with Randy Slavin. When Stage disbanded in 2004, Justin played in a slew of West Coast bands, but before he left for Los Angeles, Justin and Lyle began writing together in the basement of a Hauppauge condominium.

The duo decided to do something with their songs and in 2006 released their self titled EP. They recruited new members, however it was to be short-lived. Justin and Lyle then began writing again, producing Car Crash Music. They released a music video for the single, "Make a Move".

Presently, they are unsure of whether they want to accept new members.



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