Cover Story began when Guglielmo Remondi (guitarist/vocalist in No Rights Reserved) and Mike Rivkin (former bass player in Flooding London) started talking about playing in a punk band while the rest of No Rights Reserved was in college, thus leaving Guglielmo with nothing to do musically during the school year. After a few months of the two writing music in Mike's basement they decided it was time to bring in some new members. They looked to Richard Edghill (former guitar/singer in Houdini? Like Wow? and A Dire Symphony) for drumming duties. Rory O'Connor was originally brought in to play the bass, however due to timing conflicts and too much driving distance from the rest of the band it was decided it was best to move on with a new bass player. About two weeks before the recording of the "Late Nights Under Streetlights" EP, Evan Collins was brought in to play bass and solidify the band.


Guglielmo Remondi- lead vocals, guitar
Mike Rivkin- guitar,backup vocals
Evan Collins- bass
Richard Edghill- drums

Rory O'Connor- former bass


Late Nights Under Streetlights EP (2009)

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