Crisis Crayons are Long Island's tallest ska band. Originally formed in 2011 as a cover band, they underwent several lineup changes and began writing original material in 2014. Known for their tight instrumentation and catchy melodies, they are proving that ska isn't dead on Long Island.

Band MembersEdit

  • Sean McGovern (Blue Crayon)- Guitar, vocals
  • Brian Varneke (Red Crayon)- Trumpet, vocals
  • Kevin Jackson (Yellow Crayon)- Trombone, vocals
  • Erik Eriksen (Green Crayon)- Bass
  • Ryan McGovern (Purple Crayon)- Drums

Former Members:

  • Mike Marg- Trumpet, vocals
  • Heather O'Gara- Saxophone, vocals
  • Brad Smith- Guitar


The EP (2014)

We Made It (2017)

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