Crista Russo (born Crista Russo) is an iconic American artist. She is a saucy woman who took an interest in the long island punk rock scene circa 2001, but took little interest in creating such music. Upon completion of High School at South Hempstead's South Side High School, located in the southern part of South Hempstead, she has grown musically (and literally--doubling her size of 44.5 lbs in 2005 to 89 lbs in 2008) to take part in various musical endeavors that take shelter under the 'indie rock' umbrella. None of which shaped her more than when she joined Cobra Starship on tour in 2006, following their breakthrough hit featured in the Hollywood blockbuster Snakes On A Plane. Since then she has dabbled in other projects, including the short-run band Lion of Ido, which broke up in early 2010. Ms Russo, known by friends as "the Mad Cat Crista" or "MCC" has been classically trained in guitar, player piano, banjo, keytar, and is a self-proclaimed atheist and sunglasses enthusiast. She took up bass in November of 2004. Her portfolio includes commercial modelling, acting, improv theater, and looking fiiiiiiiiiiiiine (all of the time).

"I'm usually hungry, very upfront, in love, in Lion of Ido and silly. thats all." - MCC on twitter

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