Danny Bitsimis born Cornelius Grizwald II has been an active member in the long island music scene ever since the days of The Calvary shows in 2004.  Best know for his large fake buttocks; the Norweigen born singer is a protestant with the idea that marriage should be equal for all!  Danny plays guitar, bass, drums, a little piano, and he sings. He mostly sings and plays guitar. Danny has been involved with multiple music projects over the last 5 years. These include Cardiac Arrest, Total Eclipse, Broken is the Vanity, Mac Daddy Black, The Night Before, This Is Panic, Catch The Sunrise, and Azariah.

Biography Edit

After several failed abortions, Danny was born to a poor black family December 13th 1991 out of his mothers vagina. He has lived In East Meadow, New York almost all of his life. He has since been banished from this community after allegedly deficating in the town kiddy pool at the tender age of 18.  He spent that summer in Saudi Arabia smuggling falafal into the west side of Al-Bazeer.   Danny has always been involved with music and performing in any way possible. A few of the things that make him smile are Sweet Tea, Odwalla, Seinfeld, Sweedish fish, snoop dog, going to harlem at night and screaming vulger terms, and playing with his girlfriends fish.

Cardiac Arrest Edit

Danny's first full band with some of his friends. The other people included in this band were Derek Rusinek, Jonathan Habshoosh, and Max Schefler. This band was formed when all the member were still in middle school. They were a pop punk / jam band. the band started and ended around the end of 2005

Total Eclipse Edit

This band followed Dan into the end of middle school. All the rest of the members were in High School. The other members were Ryan Treulieb, Sean Hagen, Carmine Leone, and Joe Parisi. This band was a alternative rock / experimental band. The band Started and ended in 2006.

Shortly after this Daniel was in a band with Patrick Tirino ( abient persussion through symbols), Billy Ohearn ( bass), John Barshwoob and himself ( drums). They had one song togther named " The Ketchup song" but descided to call it quits due to the 4th members drug addictions, abusive nature towards his girlfriend leading to Jail time, and drunken outbursts dureing practices. A reunion was in the works until John relapsed and started his addiction problems again with sweetesh fish. John died on July 2nd 2010 thus leading members to wonder, if they could ever be muscicians again. But they descided that they needed to pick up where they left off, picked there instruments back up and are currently planning a full Antartica Continental tour in the fall.

Broken Is The Vanity Edit

This band was originally called Bloodlust, but eventually it was changed to Broken Is The Vanity. This Band consisted of Danny Bitsimis, Kevin Metz, And originally Ed Metzger, before he got kicked out. Danny played guitar and sang, Kevin Screamed, and ed played guitar as well. This band tried to find a lineup, but they were unsucessfull and they called it quits after Danny and Kevin's side project The Night Before Took off.

Mac Daddy Black Edit

This was a joke Hardcore Band That consisted of Danny on Guitar, Kevin Metz on bass, Kevin Malone on Guitars, Ed Metzger on vocals, and Billy Golden on Drums.

The Night Before Edit

This was originally a side project, but it ended up being Danny's biggest band yet. All the People who were ever involved with this band were Danny Bitsimis, Kevin Metz , Ed Metzger, Brian Morris, Billy Golden, Kevin Malone, and Gus Sarmiento. This band was active from summer of 07 until the summer of 08, it eventually spun off into what is now Azariah. The band after over a year of not playing together decided to have a reuinion in august 2009 to try and bring back some good old times. They are also writing new originals.

This Is Panic Edit

A small acoustic side project that consists of Danny and his long time friend Anthony Paul from Dublin PA.

Catch The Sunrise Edit

This is Danny BItsimis's active solo acoustic act. Danny has been doing this under the Name Danny Bitsimis up until October 2008 when he decided to use the name Catch The Sunrise to front his solo project. He has played a couple small shows here and there but he will be playing more soon. He has released an small E.P. for free titled "It's A Demo E.P." You can find the link on his myspace.  Catch the sunrise finally hit hold in 2008 with their single "Shine Baby Shine."  Written of course about his ex fling actress Whoopie Goldberg

Azariah Edit

This is Danny Bitsimis's active full band. They are a band with many different influences. This band was spurred off The Night Before during the summer of 2008. It was originally called A Kiss To Betray, then They Changed it to ARGH! I'm A Pirate, and now it's Called Azariah. The other members of this band consist of Danny, Anthony Rega, Billy Golden and Dennis Francis. They continue to play shows all over the Island. Azariah has just recently released there first Album titled "The Foundation EP".


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