Dearly Departed are an alternative/progressive rock band from Long Island, New York. Formed in late 2001, they consisted of vocalist Mike Mallamo (formerly of Inside), bassist Joe Rubino (of Tension and the Jett Blackk Heart Attack), guitarist Jon Cox (also of Tension, and the Jett Blackk Heart Attack Earthling Attack and From Autumn To Ashes), guitarist Jeff Bodzer (from Helen Of Troy), and drummer Danny Lopez (of Scarab). They released their first album, "Believing in Ghosts", in February 2003, after which the band toured and supported acts such as From Autumn To Ashes, Avenged Sevenfold, NORA, and Superstitions Of The Sky. Between releasing Believing in Ghosts and What Awaits Us, the band had undergone many changes in lineup. The band even broke up briefly in 2005 when Bodzer moved to Florida, and Mallamo focused on his new band, Novena.

Recently, Dearly Departed has returned to the original lineup and become a 6 piece added guitarist Derek Sessions.

Dearly Departed
Background information
Origin Long Island, New York, USA
Genres Alternative

Progressive rock

Years active 2001-present
Labels Black Tide Records (Current), One Day Savior Recordings
Associated acts Dredg, Codeseven
Mike Mallamo
Joe Rubino
Jon Cox
Jeff Bodzer
Derek Sessions
Danny Lopez
Past members
Ryan Albrecht
Ryan Luken (Live)


Critic Rafer Guzman praised Mike Mallamo's "high, spooky vocals" in a concert review.[2]In a generally positive review of the album Believing in Ghosts, he wrote, "Taking cues from metal and punk, the five-piece band storms its way through crunching rock riffs with roiling drums and singer Mike Mallamo's apoplectic roar."


Studio albumsEdit

  • Believing in Ghosts, 2004 (One Day Savior Recordings)
  • What Awaits Us, 2007


  • The Remains of Marianne Mayweather, 2002 (One Day Savior Recordings)

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