Debellation was a Grindcore band from Hicksville, New York that existed from 2005 to 2006. The band was signed onto Malicious Intent Records in the early winter of 2006 and had intentions of releasing a split cd with Fecal Corpse as well as a full length album with a summer release date, however the band broke up before any of this could happen. Jay, the guitarist, left to pursue music, Han the drummer went back to smoking crack. With only two remaining members, one of them being Chris who was known to have a boyfriend at the time named Bass, the band dissolved soon after.


  • Chris (Bass)
  • Han (Drums)
  • Jay (Guitars)
  • John (Vocals)


  • Debellation Demo (2006)
  • Debellation/Fecal Corpse Split (2006)
  • Debellation Full Length (2006, Cancelled)

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