DEMON is the first demo from The Microwave Orphans. It was recorded between late 1995 to early 1996 on 4-track cassette recorder at Rubber Chicken Studios in Kings Park by Matt Roren (tracks 1,2 &5) and Jon Roren (Tracks 3&4) it was released in early 1996 on Eiffel Trousers Records and was given the release number ET003. The artwork was done by Matt Roren on his computer it features a little kid in a shirt and tie inside of a microwave, the time on the microwave reads 10:59 that was the time, he finished the art work. DEMON went out of print in 1997 after the 2nd demo Andre came out since it had rerecorded versions of all the songs, but was rereleased the same year on Rubber Chicken Studios Compilation : Rare and Out Of Print Recordings alongside The Lactose Intolerants - Fuck Milk and unreleased recordings by Sedition and SuperMatchBoxx.

Track Listing:

  1. Brisket
  2. Backpack
  3. Happy Girl
  4. Artie
  5. Ever

All songs written by The Microwave Orphans except "Ever" which was Written By Flipper

Line up on this recording : Emmanuel Labor - Vocals, EZ Ian - Guitar, Sir Topamhat - Drums, Bif - Bass

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