Destiny or Design is a Prog Rock/Experimental Alternative Rock band from Long Island, New York. The members were in Life's Detour before meeting Dave DiPrimo and starting this project.


Destiny or Design formed in the summer of 2006 and is made up of Jordan Schneider, Tommy Fleischmann, Dave DiPrimo, and Doug Torres. In the winter of 2006, the band recorded a three song demo with engineer Bill Jahn. Following their release, the band played shows throughout Long Island, bringing a constantly growing following to each performance. The demo earned the band recognition with producer/engineer Bryan Russell (Envy on the Coast, Straylight Run). Destiny or Design entered the studio in July 2007, and the 1000 Strong EP's final cut was distributed in October, 2007. Ryan Hunter from Envy on the Coast is featured in the song, "To Be Weightless" on this EP. The band released a music video to their single, "Evening Dress".

In the summer of 2008, Destiny or Design embarked on their first out of state tour, calling it the 'Cherry Poppin' Tour. Fellow Long Islanders, Show Me Action were supposed to go on the tour with them, however, they had to back out beforehand. On the last date of their tour, Destiny or Design played with Envy on the Coast, The Sleeping, and The Secret Lives of Freemasons in Virginia Beach. In the fall of 2008, Destiny put out a cover of "Love in this Club". In the winter of 2008/2009, the band recorded new songs with producer Bryan Russell and intend on touring in support of them in the near future. One of the tracks, "The Color Green", released a music video put out by Chain Gang Productions. They then released the songs, "Before the Morning Sun" and "In a World" and announced an upcoming EP entitled "Get Down (With the Get Down)".



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