Edison Glass is an Indie Rock band from Long Island, New York. The group consists of four members: Joshua Silverberg (singer/guitarist), Josh “mountain” Morin (singer/bassist), Joe Morin (drummer), and James Usher (guitarist). They formed Mannafest in 1998, changing their name later to Edison in 2002, and then to Edison Glass in 2004, when the label Credential Recordings signed them. Their name is derived from two renowned people from the 20th Century: Thomas Edison and Phillip Glass. Edison Glass has toured with Last Tuesday, Roper, The Wedding, The OC Supertones, Cool Hand Luke, Mae, The Myriad, and Bradley Hathaway. Edison Glass has finished recording their second album titled Time is Fiction, which was released on February 5, 2008.

Edison Glass opened for Blindside during the October 2007 tour with the band Lorene Drive. In early 2008, drummer Joe Morin considered leaving the band, but he is currently still a member of the Edison Glass without any signs of quitting.


The Last Goodbye Demo” (2004)
Need Speak EP” (2006)
A Burn or a Shiver” (2006, Credential Recordings)
Let Go EP” (2007, Credential Recordings)
Time is Fiction” (2008, Credential Recordings)

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