Eleven to Your Seven was a short lived Post-Emo Indie Rock band from Dix Hills and Great Neck.


The band began with Adam Alter and John McKeever who had previously been in the band Hello Operator together, with members of The Sweaters before breaking up. Eleven to Your Seven lasted for a year, in 2007, and during that time they only released a two song demo and acquired a small, cult following. The warbly, imperfect guitar and vocal melodies led people to make comparisons to midwestern post-indie emo bands like The Get Up Kids and Mineral. The band disbanded in 2007 when the lead singer, Adam Alter went to study screenwriting at Columbia University in Chicago.

The band played their last show in Great Neck at the Sky Lounge with friends The Farewell Effect and The Sweaters (now signed to Wrong Island Records).

Mike Crawbuck is now in Ioninetyfour, a pop punk outfit.

Adam Alter now studies screenwriting at Columbia College in Chicago.

Kenny Russo and John McKeever now play in Signs of Saints, a Post-Emo Indie Rock outfit.



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Official Myspace
Three Songs at The Wave

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