End the Stars is a four piece Rock/Experimental Alternative Rock band from Long Island, New York.


The band was formed in early 2007 by Nick Carbone, John Secolo and Anthony Natoli, who were all originally in the band Phase 9 together, with members of The Mercurial and Kenny Truhn. They went through a few bass players helping them out temporarily until Matt Chiarelli from kissthesky joined to play on their first US tour in November, 2007. The band released their self titled EP in July of 2007. They re-emerged in the long island scene in January 2008 with a brand new live show to support the EP.

The band has recently put out a new song, "Godsfists" recorded at their own 1 & 2 Productions. This track along with "Independence Day" will be featured on the bands upcoming full length.

The band is taking part in the 2008 Warped Tour.



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