Ether Switch is a Roslyn Heights based Alternative Rock band. The band is currently signed to Nondance Records.


Ether Switch was formed between late March and early April 2005 by vocalist/guitarist/programming Doug Bleek and Jose "Eddie C" Castillo. (drums/vocals/sampling). Doug Bleek states that he was bored with the present Indie culture and strove to do something different. They use programmable basslines and synthesizers to fill out their sound. They released the Ether Switch EP after their induction into the Indie scene, and then their sophomore album, Elegy which is meticulously layered and is released by their personal label, Nondance Records. Their sound is evocative of Nirvana, New Order, Nine Inch Nails and Morrissey. Guitarist Bleek is noted for his distinct and inctricate style and Eddie C is beloved for his innovatitve drumming, very influenced by Motley Crue and Placebo.



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