Ever Forthright

Ever Forthright

Ever Forthright is a jazz influenced Death Metal band from Long Island, New York.

The sun was just rising, and the birds had just begun their daily struggle. It seemed like a regular ole’ day… At the time, just a mere nineteen years old, Nick Llerandi and Billy Anderson awoke from their beds. They felt different this day. Maybe it was that new chest hair that had just suddenly appeared over night, or that inability to urinate within three seconds of standing in front of the toilet (You know, that same problem your dad has). Bored as usual, they decided to get high off their asses and head to the studio. Thankfully, Nick and Billy had a trained, well, slow person, to help them afford gear and rent at the time. And I don’t mean trained like those bad ass seeing eye dogs. I mean trained like Jafar bitched around Gilbert Gottfried in that movie about Ali- Baba or something like that, but I digress. And that’s how it all began

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