Bio Edit

Few Never Fail broke up 1/12/09. stay tuned for more news from the members

James, Chris, Richie and Matt have since formed Oh No, Kill!

We're the band that was known as Few Never Fail. In the year we have played together we've gotten the chance to meet some real great people/musicians, play some crazy venues, and just have a blast. We've been kicked out of practice spaces(if you went to one of our parties, you'll remember why), peoples homes, numerous near accidents and noise complaints. We can all say this last year has been the best year of our lives and thank you to everyone who made it possible. WE ARE NOT DEAD!!!! although that may have sounded like a bands obituary, it's not. We had a fun year, now we're taking things much more seriously. We still are musicians and we have really big goals. We're currently setting up our FINAL lineup and are writing and recording as often as we can. So lookout for what can only be considered a "new" band, with new members, name, and what matters most, some good music.

Members Edit

??? - Vocals James - Guitar Richie - Guitar Carmine - Bass Chris - Synth Matt - Drums

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