Mike Germolai- Lead Vocals

Vinny Badalamenti- Guitar

Marco Franceson- Guitar/Vocals

Carmine Acierno- Keys/Vocals

Matt Graf- Drums

Try, learn, experiment, and sell.

It takes skill to make what many consider to be noise sound good, but these guys have quite a handle on it. Mixing rolling breakdowns with lyrical melodies is not something easy to pull off, yet FAFE as they go by is slowly working on it.

Front-man Mike Germolai has developed a confident and quite frankly mature set of screams that enable FAFE to carry itself through many sounds. Furthermore, he is able to transition into melodic chorus’ that give FAFE’s songs a personal touch. Creative as he is, he constantly strives for further sounds. Guitarist Vinny Badalamenti, although at times quiet spoken showcases his famous “crab-core” skills in almost every set. Guitarist Marco Francescon plants his musical skill into every song on the guitar and with his voice. Carmine Acierno plays intricate key riffs and heavy screams to give the band a modern sound. Drummer Matt Graf brings to the band a style of drumming that always seems to fit the songs perfectly as well as a keen ability to piece together the contributing parts to songs. These members give FAFE the persona of a well developed group. The talent is brought together by a great sense of brotherhood and commitment, not to mention a sense of humor that at times will have crowds hysterical.

The sound this band produces is definitely unique. Yes, the generic sound is of a post-hardcore/metalcore outfit, but the intricacies prove that they are capable of much more than that. Its quite impressive what they do in that you feel yourself drawn in, lost within the bass and waking up to the lyrical choruses. Mike cites Asking Alexandria, The Word Alive, In Fear and Faith, and Bullet For My Valentine as bands that have contributed to their sound. Even still, they produce nothing short of expectations and look keep that up.

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