Fortune & Spirits is a seven piece Indie Pop/Folk Rock group from Long Island, New York.


Along with The Red Season, Fortune & Spirits was formed of the ashes of indie pop/jazz sextet (Nothing) Plural.

Founded in 2007 through a partnership of producer/solo artist Jim Robert and drummer Matthew Record the group eventually grew to include a full rock band setup and string section.

Fortune & Spirits has from it's inception been writing songs for an eponymous debut album to be released on Mixtake Records. Band member Matthew Record stated in an interview on Radio J - Music for the Scene that the group has set a goal to have a catalog of at least 30-40 songs which would be wittled down to no more than 10 for the debut record.

Fortune & Spirits debut LP is expected no later than February 1, 2010.

Current Band MembersEdit

Chris Fleming - Trumpet
Michelle Kovacs - Violin
Matthew Record - Drums
Elizabeth Record - Vocals
Jim Robert - Vocals, Bass/Piano
Chris Weldon - Guitar

Former Band MembersEdit

Adam Giekel - Vocals, Guitar/Piano

Stephanie Gunst - Cello

Melissa Czerniawski - Viola

Robert Fleming - Drums

Jenna Hanlon - Vocals
Matthew Russell - Bass
Stephanie Scutari - Vocals


"Let's Go Exploring! " EP (2008, Mixtake Records)

"5 Songs - (EP)” (2008, Mixtake Records)
Fortune & Spirits” (Expected 2009, Mixtake Records)

"Harbor Lights Lead Home " (2012, Mixtake Records)

External LinksEdit

Official Myspace

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