Members Edit

Ryan Hannaway- Vocals
Victor Klipp- Guitar
LA Grega- Bass
Kyle Mulligan- Guitar
Kevin Trunz- Drums

Bio Edit


Galilei started up in late 1987 when Yoko Ono finally lost her marbles. Tony Shalhoub (now famous television actor. see article: "Monk") was an obvious first pick in Yoko's draft for her new park bench extravaganza. After witnessing their first live performance in the kitchen of the Travolta residence, artist Tom Petty invested much interest. Yoko's disatse for the blues harp, however, did prove to be an issue during the pre-production of the bands upcoming record "Pet Sounds" which the Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys had later stolen for a record of his own 21 years later in 1966. Tension was also growing between Yoko and the band's drummer Yakov Smirnoff and french horn player Mikael Gorbachev as the cold war pursued. Believing herself to be the only one with any creative vision at all for the group she disbanded the group by signing an official letter of resignation and publishing it in the New York Times. This resignation was largely overlooked as no one had any idea what she was talking about.

About Edit

the color red

Present Edit

The band can still be found riding tandem bicycles and eating popcorn during their monthly pilgramage to the Ground Round

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