Garden Variety was a very influential Emotive Hardcore band from Valley Stream on Long Island that existed from 1991 to 1996.
Garden Variety Partial Set - M3 1210:16

Garden Variety Partial Set - M3 12.93


In 1991, Anthony Roman and Anthony Rizzo posted an ad in a Long Island Punk zine asking for a drummer who was interested in making punk music. Joe Gorelick saw the ad, and the trio rehearsed. The chemistry between the individuals was "perfect", and the band began writing music, playing shows, and touring with bands like Dahlia Seed, Native Nod, Hoover, and others. The band broke up in 1996 and the members would go on to join bands like Radio 4, Bluetip, Hell No, Vic Thrill, Retisonic, and Marah.




  • The Band is also, not well-known but, known for their hidden track in the Lookout Records compilation Punk USA. The song which isn't mentioned in any way in the cover-sheets is called "Pretty Mouth" and you can also find it in the self-titled album from 1993.

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