Garrett Tierney is the bassist for Brand New.


In 1998, he and Jesse Lacey began The Rookie Lot with members of Crime in Stereo, Brand New, and The Movielife. The band played around the island for a year and release the The Rookie Lot/Yearly split 7'' and The Rookie Lot Demo. The melodic hardcore band split up when Jesse Lacey left for Taking Back Sunday.

After Jesse left Taking Back Sunday, Jesse and Garrett started writing music again. The old members of the Rookie Lot minus Alex Dunne and Brandon Reilly began collecting old songs and reworking them. They added Vin Accardi on guitar, and Brand New was born.


  • Garrett has a twin brother, Shaun, who plays the drums.
  • Garrett, along with the rest of Brand New, has started a record label, Procrastinate! Music Traitors.
  • Garrett's hobbies include skydiving, motorcycling, and skateboarding.
  • He started a web-based business:

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