GassEx was a cassette by bay area, CA band GassEx which was distributed on the east coast by Eiffel Trousers Records as release number ET007. GassEx was the only band on ETR not from Long Island, and the only band Matt Roren had not actually met in person, he just really liked their demo and asked if he could distribute it, they said yes. It was recorded march - october of 1996

Track Listing:

  1. Vamoose
  2. Fashion Mutt
  3. Told U So
  4. Hook It Up
  5. Punk Vs Raver
  6. Tie Your Shoes
  7. Ain't So Big
  8. Go Away
  9. Prediction Fiction
  10. Poster Boy
  11. S.S.M.
  12. Moronicide
  13. Terminal Illness
  14. Second String

Line up on this recording : Steve - Vocals, Kevin - Drums, Brett - Bass, Aaron - Guitar

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