Gentleman Boss (officially stylized as Gentleman.BOSS) is a single-man folktronica artist from Suffolk County, Long Island created by Erik Schmalenberg, formerly of The Red Season.

Biography Edit

Gentleman.BOSS was originally created following the disbanding of The Red Season in 2013. Looking for a new means to create music, Erik Schmalenberg (Accordion/Trumpet/Vocals of The Red Season) began this project, drawing inspiration from OctoberWalrus, a side project of then-frontrunner of The Red Season.

In July 2014 Gentleman.BOSS released its first EP Your Loss on Bandcamp, followed by another EP By Summer's End in August 2014. The following year, Gentleman.BOSS's first full-length album Polar Shift - Into Green.

Currently, Gentleman.BOSS is collaborating with members of The Red Season to produce a tribute album, titled The Red Season VS Gentleman.BOSS, for the sake of making quality recordings of much of The Red Season's catalogue (including many of their songs which were never recorded), for posterity. It will feature a mashup of the electronic stylings present in Gentleman.BOSS's music combined with live-recorded instruments played by members of The Red Season.

Discography Edit

Your Loss (EP)

By Summer's End (EP)

Polar Shift - Into Green

The Red Season VS Gentleman.BOSS

Musical Style Edit

While originally conceived as an electronica project, Gentleman.BOSS has gone on to include more live instrumentation, denoting its label as folktronica. Much of its synth music is derived from KORG software available on the Nintendo 3DS video game system, in addition to vocals by Erik Schmalenberg himself.

The first two EPs were entirely electronic-derived, featuring no instrumentation. Your Loss had a straight electronica sound, taking some inspiration from dubstep and house genres. By Summer's End specifically featured no vocals either, focusing on a more ambient sound.

Polar Shift - Into Green was the first album by Gentleman.BOSS to feature live-recorded instruments, including trumpet and accordion. Music on this album was more diverse in nature, taking cues from drum & bass and classic techno, with the addition of the aforementioned instruments which gave some songs a decidedly folk sound.

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