Grab Yourself A Big Ol' Bowl Of Pee-Soup is a cassette collection by Pee-Soup featuring both releases The Bagel Train and Hoyin in one handy dandy package released by Eiffel Trousers Records and given the release number ET031.

Track Listing:

  1. The Girl Who Didn't Believe In Showers
  2. Pancake
  3. The Ballad Of The Boardgames
  4. The Return Of Crust
  5. Soylent Green
  6. The Head
  7. The Barney Molestation Song
  8. What!?
  9. Ode To The Pork God
  10. The Bagel Train
  11. The Song Of Nothingness and Lemonaid
  12. Better Believe It Pally
  13. The Song Of Nothingness And Lemonaid
  14. Hoyin
  15. Horzak The Wonderfully Colored Plastic Sheep
  16. Andy
  17. The Idiot
  18. Bob, The Modern Man
  19. Endless Tasteless
  20. The Bagel Train

All songs written by Pee-Soup

Tracks 1-11 From The Bagel Train Sessions recorded jan 1994 at Rubber Chicken Studios

Line up on this recording Matt Roren - Vocals/Deskbell, Will Monaghan - Guitars, Nick Lewis - Guitars, Steve Broderson - Drums

Tracks 12-20 From The Hoyin Sessions recorded feb 1994 in Steve's Basement

Line up on this recording Matt Roren - Vocals, Will Monaghan - Guitars/Keyboard, Nick Lewis - Guitars, Steve Broderson - Drums, George Gould - Back Up Vocals

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