The Guilt like Gravity Demo was the first and last release by long island based Post Hardcore band, Guilt like Gravity. It was released in 2004, independently. It was recorded by former band friendSean from With Every Idle Hour in a warehouse out east on Long Island. The demo was written in the span of a week, after new members Robbie Hassett and Dave Curcio joined the bands original line up to form the shortlived new version of The Prizefighter. After Dave left, Dan Gluszak joined to tour on the demo around the United States and become Guilt Like Gravity's permanent drummer.

Track ListingEdit

  1. "Intro"
  2. "Just Kill The Radio For One Night"
  3. "Sent and Said"
  4. "Ashley Phosphate"
  5. "A Ticket Marked Cali"


External LinksEdit

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