Heads Vs. Breakers was a hardcore/punk band that existed on Long Island from 2000 until approximately 2005. The band underwent numerous lineup changes during its tenure, but the core songwriting duo of ex-Silent Majority guitarist Rich Jacovina and ex-Dropout Year vocalist Ben Gallup remained constant. In 2004 the band released a full-length, "Apathy Is the New Black" on New Day Rising records. Members went on to play in bands such as Bastard Cut, Take My Chances, Energy, Ambitions, Tension* and Skull Crusher.


Ben Gallup (vocals)

Rich Jacovina (guitar)

Mike "Hugo" Fitzgerald (bass)

Doug Brussell (guitar)

Keith Sidorowicz (drums)

Past members:

Tom Serpa (guitar)

James McAuliffe (bass)

Anthony Vito (drums)

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