High School Football Heroes (HSFH) were a ska punk band from Long Island, New York. HSFH blended the sound of 3rd wave ska with indie rock, drawing comparisons to acts such as Less Than Jake, Taking Back Sunday and Sublime. The band released two records with Asbestos Records and Orange Peel Distribution. In late 2006, the band disbanded, as members opted to pursue other interests.

High School Football Heroes
Origin Long Island, New York, USA
Genres Punk rock, Ska
Years active 20012006
Labels Asbestos Records
George Argyrou - Vocals / Trumpet
Jason Rutcofsky - Sax / Keyboard / Vocals
Dave Solomon - Vocals / Trombone / Guitar
Joe Masterson - Drums
Chris Askin - Bass / Piano / Guitar

The band began releasing yearly demos in 2001. By 2003, enough demos had been distributed and enough of a response had been garnered to warrant a full-length release

Close Only Counts (In Horse Shoes and Hand-Grenades)

The first (and only) full-length release from HSFH consisted of 14 songs, spanning over a short-and-to-the-point 28 minute time-frame.

We've Fooled Around Long Enough

After three years of consistent touring, the band released a self-recorded, six-song EP. Recorded at Hofstra University (which Jason Rutcofsky was attending at the time), the album represented a more mature, experimental approach to their music. The album received positive reviews, selling nearly 3,500 copies in the two months following its release.


  • ¡Viva La Rock! (2001, Crappy Jack Records)
  • Close Only Counts in Horseshoes and Hand Grenades (2004, Asbestos Records)
  • We've Fooled Around Long Enough... (2006, Asbestos Records)

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